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Project: Photo Voltaic Parks, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments





In March 2010 the announcement of a generous feed-in-tariff (FiT) for photo voltaic power generation prompted a gold rush by developers. At one stage, Landmark was commissioned to undertake landscape and ecological assessments for over 40 PV parks, each of up to 5MW in size, or around 15 hectares in area. In June 2011 the Coalition government announced a significant cut in the tariff and many developers cancelled their projects.

Two developers, BNRG and SPGL were convinced that, with the help of Landmark, they could achieve planning consents, satisfy planning conditions and deliver operational PV parks in advance of the deadline for the reduction in tariff in October 2011.


Landmark provided almost continuous daily support to both BNRG and SPGL in terms of design modifications and work to satisfy landscape and ecological conditions.  BNRG built two solar parks in Sedgemoor District, and SPGL three solar parks in Mendip District.  All five schemes were accredited to receive FiT support with just days to spare.

Client benefits

Landmark delivered a fast and dedicated professional service in a situation where hours, not days counted in meeting a very tight immovable dead line.  All of the PV parks were fully supported by high quality technical services, which enabled swift delivery of development consents and practical support for implementation works.