Compensation, Mitigation and Enhancement Strategies

Installing wooden bat boxes

Installing bat boxes

When your development proposals result in significant ecological impacts, a planning authority will often require you to provide a mitigation and compensation strategy to reduce these impacts to acceptable levels.

The Landmark Practice has extensive experience in developing successful mitigation and compensation strategies.  These have ranged from erection of bat boxes, to large-scale habitat creation schemes.  Whatever your development, we guarantee to match the level of recommended mitigation/compensation to the predicted level of impact.  This independent and objective approach allows your development to proceed, whilst demonstrating that you are satisfying your ecological responsibilities.  In many cases, the strategy can be implemented by our in-house contracting team, providing you with reassurance that all work is being undertaken by individuals who know your site and have the expertise to make on-the-ground decisions.

Wherever possible, ecological enhancement features are incorporated into landscape design plans and are looked upon favourably by planning authorities.  They also allow you to increase your green credentials and provide excellent opportunities for positive PR.

For more information contact our Principal Ecologist Louise Redgrave at ecology@thelandmarkpractice.com

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